Safety Waterproof Hiker Type Boot

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Brand: Grafters

Style: Work Boots

Main Colour: Black

Features & Fastening: Lace Up

Material: Leather


Breathable Membrane

ISO 20345:S3

Safety Toe Cap

Protective Midsole

Antistatic Sole

Soil Petrol Resistant Sole

Heat Resistant Sole to 150 degrees

Long lasting upper with cushioned inner sock and non-slip sole

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Safety Waterproof Hiker Type Boot Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Truly HARDCORE beautiful boots.

Posted by J. Berry on 5th Jan 2018

Perhaps the best boots I have ever had.
I am on my second pair of these now.

My old pair is actually still around and still functioning. I've had them as my every day civilian footwear AND worked in them fairly often as a landscape gardener when it was too wet or cold to use my "summer" safety shoes.

They basically kept me going for about 3.5 years! Now that's 3 years of wearing them almost every single day (except for beach holidays or extreme hot summer weekends). The soles are worn but not like if you wore DMs every day for that long! The lining in the inside heels have holes from wear. The leather is cracked and glued with epoxy. But they can still function as work boots even today! And that's three and a half YEARS of very hard use!!

My newer pair is doing just fine. I actually got them completely soaked inside by running through a swamp chasing a moose (long story) and I dried them too quickly on a hot towel rail and the bend wrinkles in the leather have cracked open a little. But they are still waterproof. That was my stupid mistake. So as a warning: Let your leather dry out slowly!!!

Sizing-wise, the fit is not wide like someone else mentioned. I have narrow and flat feet and ok they are not snug fitting expensive hiking boots but they are not a wide fitting boot. I've had several pairs of safety boots and these ones are one of the more slim pairs. The toe cap is not wide inside either. If anything it's a little tight on the little (pinky) toe, but only until they are properly broken/worn in and the heel leather softens a bit to allow your foot to sit further back in the boot, the way your foot is supposed to. Then they become incredibly comfortable.

They are indeed waterproof (unless you go through a swamp and water goes over the top!!).

Overall, out of all the footwear I have ever owned, these have easily been my favourites.

lasted better than some boots more than twice the price

Posted by Tina H. on 6th Nov 2017

Used for a season cutting wet grass, lasted better than some boots more than twice the price.

Five Stars

Posted by Customer on 26th Aug 2017

Great value, fast delivery and very good product